Upcoming Cougar Journeys

Continuing on the success of our Cougar Journeys in 2017 and 2018 (IB- CAS in Prague, Expedition South Africa, and Explore India), this year our students and faculty are heading out into the world again.   Travel along as we:

  • dig into the history and culture of Prague during the IB CAS trip during Spring Break
  • Experience Barcelona and Paris during Spring 2019

We’re excited to keep exploring, learning, and sharing as we set out to make Cougar Tracks.

Featured post

Castle Day

Here are some pictures of our visit to the castle – the largest medieval castle in the world.


Bobsledding in Prague! The wind, the rush, the view- all of it has been an amazing ride (pun intended) as Erin and I enjoy our last day in the beautiful city before we all head home.


Cooking challenge

Today some of our students participated in a cooking challenge to feed men at a homeless shelter – Nadeje. If you look closely you might see tears (it’s the onions).

Prague Farming

We spent half of the day on an urban farm in Prague! This collective works to farm naturally, preserving soil and using natural compost (part of which is provided from the sheep’s…well, it smells but it works!) to keep their camps thriving! Here’s a picture of me with a bunch of my friends from the school from Uganda as we shovel the soil for a new bed of plants.

Design workshop

A challenging day for students. They designed, planned and processed plans for building a flower pot. It was inspiring to see the amount of thought and collaboration that went into this. I am so proud of our students.

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